Help and FAQ Introduction

At Deverell Hall Preschool we are committed to helping parents and children alike to be prepared for handling changes big and small. For some children starting preschool can be quite daunting as they find themselves interacting with other children outside of their family unit for the first time. Teamwork between parents and teachers is essential to get your child ready for preschool. Our help sections will offer some great advice, help and useful suggestions for parents enrolling their children into Deverell Hall Preschool.

Parent Help FAQ's

Like most preschools in Waterlooville, Deverell Hall Preschool has a procedure in place for childcare registration. You may be looking for daycare and sessional care. Your first step would be to contact us - You can do this online, by phone or email where a suitable date and time can be arranged for you to visit. Due to safeguarding reasons, all visits to the Pre School are by appointment only.

If your child has had sickness and/or diarrhoea, then they will need to stay at home and not be sent to preschool. Usually we advise that your child needs to stay at home for at least 48 hours after they have stopped being ill. If your child is prescribed antibiotics for their illness, then we advise that they stay at home for 48 hours after their first dose of antibiotics has been administered.

What happens if my child gets sick whilst at school?

If your child should become unwell during their session at Deverell Hall Preschool, then a member of staff or their keyperson will contact you (or your allocated emergency contact person), and ask for your child to be collected from school and taken home.

Chickenpox or highly infectious diseases

For other illnesses such as chickenpox, then please speak to the Manager or Duty Manager of the preschool to discuss exclusion times. We must ask you NOT to send your child to school knowing that they may have an infectious disease that can be easily passed onto other children, or teaching staff.


If your child suffers from asthma then please do tell us. If they use an inhaler, then please bring in a spare inhaler (a adhesive named label needs to be in place). We will then keep this in a safe place for your child to use if they need it.

At Deverell Hall Preschool all members of staff have up to date and current Child and Infant First Aid Training.

Medical Treatment / First Aid for your child

At anytime whilst in our care, should your child require first aid for any minor injury or illness, one of our trained professionals will attend to their needs immediately in the first instance. If your child requires emergency care, then we will seek emergency advice for treatment, if we believe that this is in the best interests of your child. In all cases, you as the parent will always be informed. Should you have any objections or concerns, perhaps on religious grounds, then please do feel free to discuss these with the Preschool Manager or the Deputy Manager.

Keeping a record of any accidents

At Deverell Hall Preschool we record all accidents in our Accident Book. If there has been a problem, when you do come to collect your child, you will be asked to sign and acknowledge that first aid was administered to your child whilst in our care. If your child arrives at our preschool with an injury (this injury having ocurred prior to your session starting), you will be asked to complete a sheet in our Existing Injuries Book. This type of record keeping is very standard practice for all preschools, and usually mainstream schools too.

Medication - sending your child to school with prescribed medicines

Should you provide us with any kind of pain relief or medication for your child, a daily record is maintained by our staff. All medication brought in is kept in a locked cabinet or fridge (as applicable) throughout the session. All medicines supplied by yourself MUST be clearly labelled with your childs name and their date of birth. Additionally it must be written out what the required dosages are. We will only administer prescribed medicines.

General Questions

Yes we do have some child-care spaces available. We would love to hear from you, and welcome your child to our preschool.

Yes many parents are entitled to help with childcare costs. If you get in touch with us, we can discuss these options with you.

Whilst our web design team are busy are making the changes for our new website, you can contact us or call during opening hours to have a chat.

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