Aims and Objectives for Deverell Hall Preschool

Our promise to parents of children at Deverell Hall Preschool

Deverell Hall Preschool have a clearly defined set of aims and objectives when it comes to looking after your children in whilst in our care. We aim to create a secure and positive environment in which the achievement of each child is something we hold dear. For us, our aims and objectives is more of a promise to parents that their child will be well looked after and gain the best from their time with us at our preschool. We present our aims and objectives on this page for your consideration as parents and/or carers.

Aims and Objectives for children and parents

  • To provide a child friendly environment which is safe, caring and stimulating
  • To enhance the development and education of children through play and interaction with one another
  • To encourage children to develop self-confidence and self-esteem and to feel valued as an individual
  • To build on and promote children's social, intellectual and physical development through play and structured activities, thereby preparing them for a smooth transition from preschool to mainstream school
  • To regularly observe and plan for each child's progress
  • To honour parents trust that we will nurture their child and give them quality care
  • To work within the guidelines of the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • To follow the guidelines and requirements of the registering bodies
  • To work as partners with parents and/or carers and offer flexibility that allows each childs individual needs to be met
  • To make parents and/or carers feel welcome, and provide an atmosphere where both children and adults feel happy and comfortable
  • To be approachable by children and parents alike, and to be caring, understanding and compassionate to each individuals circumstances

Opening Times (Term Time Only) - Sessional and Full Day Care

Give us a call on 023 9224 0645. Our opening hours are (during school terms only) -
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 9.15am to 3.00pm
Thursday - 9.15am to 11.45am

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